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- our priority is professional supply for the thatching trade in Europe for all the thatching materials and accessories!

The basis of our activity is rotation of the water reed, which is the most universal thatching material considering its best physical properities.

The popularity of natural method of covering roofs which is thatch and the ecological technology progress let us widen our offer for remaining assortment of materials and accessories needed for thatching works as: binding materias, impregnants, toppings, fire resistant items and so on.

We are also offering the thatching services and consulting in the area of thatching!

Our long term experience is assuring us, that You will be satisfied with the level of our service.

We are seeking for cooperation with the investors, wholesalers, reed plantators producers of materials used for covering roofs with reed and thatchers from all over the Europe!

Grupa IRBIS - Euro Bank Trzciny
ul. Ks. Bochenka 33, PL-55-100 Trzebnica (WROCLAW)

Electronical mail:                      reed@trzcina.eu 
telefon / fax:                            
+48 71 387-20-71
+48 501 517 490
mobile (English)
:                     +48 509 831 354



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